About Me



B.A. in Theatre, Franklin and Marshall College

Degree in Musical Theatre, Regional Center for the Arts

Lecoq and Shakespeare Pedagogy Training, Advanced Studies in England



        My name is Alec Hersh and I am a director, playwright, producer, teacher, and designer based in the Philadelphia area. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, I grew up in Newtown, CT. As a scholar, I have written extensively on a wide array of topics, including depictions of historical figures in entertainment, Judaism in film, Civil Rights, and audience demographics. As a  teacher, I've taught with numerous institutions, including the Walnut Street Theatre, Millersville University, the Boys and Girls Club, as well as spearheading the acting program at The Mix at Arbor Place. As a director, I've had the pleasure to work with the Media Theater, Quintessence Theatre Group, South Camden Theatre Company, the Green Room Theatre, and the Popovsky Performing Arts Studio. I love what I do and can't believe that I get to do it for a living. Here's to hoping I get to keep doing it!



Directorial Philosophy


       My passions for working with community trauma and underprivileged youth, alongside historical research have come to define my personal directorial journey and philosophy. My experiences with the Green Room Theatre, M-Uth, and Sandy Hook have instilled in me three core beliefs: combining high quality concept art with accessibility and digestibility, using art as a tool for historical research and education, and engaging the community to become involved in theatre through opportunity. To expand upon these beliefs, I am dedicated to finding the balance between connecting with audiences  while exceeding their expectations with fresh concepts. With my theatre, I explore social change and history through performance. Above all else, I believe that it is the responsibility of theatre creators to foster play and the growth of imagination.

        History and its lessons are often misrepresented in entertainment and I seek to redefine that unfortunate truth. I have done extensive research on the educational merits of entertainment, researching, writing, teaching, and producing theatre which accurately depicts factual events and people. I recognize that many people get their history education through film and theatre. I therefore feel that artists have a responsibility to tell true history to their audience while still making it engaging and digestible.

        My philosophy stems from an unwavering work ethic and desire to engage with public dialogue. In my work thus far, I have explored things like family, expectations, race, gender, mental disability, religion, police brutality, and parenthood. I have devoted myself to theatre of true expression and accessibility. I think theatre should be by all, for all, and I am committed to developing my pedagogy in the future.

Me and my family, 2017